Introducing the debut from Mindy Meng Wang 王萌.
An Improvisation Through Time and Space 穿越时光的即兴 out October 2

Music in Exile is proud to present the new EP from Mindy Meng Wang 王萌, titled ‘An Improvisation Through Time and Space’ 穿越时光的即兴. With an emphasis on improvisation, the EP focusses on opening up the way the guzheng is played and each song is directly influenced by specific visual imagery as well as underlying emotional themes. In the leadup to this week’s release, the San Francisco based Dream Chimney will be premiering a new track from the EP titled ‘Thoughts In The Rain 落雨思’. 

Mindy Meng Wang is a versatile Chinese/Australian Composer and performer, masterfully trained on the traditional Chinese instrument, the guzheng.  Born and classically trained in China, Mindy studied Western Musicology in the UK before migrating to Australia. Excelling in experimental music and improvisation, she has collaborated with many high-profile artists including the Gorillaz and Regurgitator  and is pioneering a new sonic direction for the guzheng.  

Mindy’s work explores the fertile space between traditional and contemporary practices, bringing Chinese traditions into new Western musical contexts, including jazz, western classical, and electronic genres. She is an influential figure in a global movement where Chinese musicians are redefining and reinvigorating their musical traditions.  

Mindy’s long-term vision is to create a strong voice for young female composers and artists of Chinese heritage, and to create a deeper and reciprocal musical connection between Australia and China.  Mindy has collaborated with many high-profile artists and has frequently performed in significant festivals, shows and venues in Australia, China, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and France.

“This record can be treated as an index of my musical visions; it showcases my cultural roots from a mysterious land in the deep Northwest of China to adventures in new musical styles from my experiences in the UK and Australia. It is an honest dialog between me and you, the listener, started by sharing my musical emotion & unreserved consciousness in the most organic way I know – improvisation.”