Ausecuma Beats follow up with second single, 'Cherie'.
Self-titled debut out Friday, November 20.

Music in Exile is proud to present Cherie the second single from the debut self-titled LP from Ausecuma Beats. Catchy call and response melodies weave together throughout this track  above an impressive groove that showcases Ausecuma Beats’ incredible percussive skill. In keeping with messages of love and respect that flow throughout the album, Cherie speaks about the importance of equality in relationships, especially in marriage.

 “You’re my wife and with affection I call you my Cherie. More than this, you are my friend. We’re in this together.” 

– Boubacar Gaye, Ausecuma Beats 

Ausecuma Beats is an album that encapsulates the spirit of the band; each track displays the different talents of each musician and sonically explores what is possible when we join together and celebrate our differences. Ausecuma Beats are more than just a band, they are a community, a family, a frame of mind.

Ausecuma Beats is out everywhere Friday, November 20 via Music in Exile.